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The email system is currently unavailable. We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

Electronic Message Exchange is a product that provides near real time messaging with inmates at participating facilities. Messages created on this web site will be sent to the inmate electronically utilizing a printing device within the inmate's facility. This eliminates the time and cost associated with a standard postal process. Once received by the Facility, each message remains subject to that particular Facility's processes and procedures, utilized for standard mail. Your friend or loved one can also send a reply back in less then 24 hours Monday through Friday. Their reply will be sent directly to EMS to forward your e-mail account.

Question: What do I need to sign up for EME?

Answer: You will need the following information in order to set up an account:
  1. The name of the institution.
  2. The inmate's number assigned by the institution.
  3. A valid credit card or check card.

Question: Is more than one person allowed to correspond with the same inmate

Answer: Yes, an unlimited number of individual subscribers can open an account and correspond with the same inmate.
Question: Are my electronic messages monitored?

Answer: Electronic Message Solutions, Inc. does not monitor your correspondence. The institution where your inmate is housed determines if electronic messages are monitored just as they do with regular mail.
Question: Is there a limit on the amount of messages I can send or receive?

Answer: Accounts which incur a monthly recurring fee are limited to 30 outbound messages per billing cycle.
Question: Is there a limit on the word and line size of the messages?

Answer: Yes, you are limited to 5,000 characters or 45 lines per message.
Question: Can I send attachments and pictures?

Answer: No, you can not send pictures or any other type of attachment at this time.
Question: When can I send messages and when will they be received by my contact?

Answer: After your account is activated, you can begin sending messages immediately. Your messages should be received by your contact inmate during the next business day. However, electronic messages delivery is subject the mail delivery policy at each institution.